J.D. is a senior software and services executive with a deep software development, delivery, and sales background. He builds visions, companies, teams, solutions, and relationships. A serial entrepreneur since he was a teen he has experienced and overcome many obstacles on his way to achieving incredible success all with his personal capital at-risk. This journey not only required traits like intelligence, work-ethic, integrity, and teamwork it demanded guts, passion, persuasion, and commitment. J.D. thrives in environments where his multi-faceted talents and traits are leveraged to achieve business objectives and establish trusted lifelong relationships.

His accomplishments Include:

Building a forecast based store replenishment system for a $6B grocery chain.

Pharmacy adjudication system for a regional claims processor.

Long distance adjudication system for top tier long distance company.

Leading small and large (100+) teams and organizations.

Founding and building three technology companies with one significant financial exit.